The Design Society Journal no.8 - Anew

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The Design Society Journal began as an applied graphic design journal, created for designers by designers, but has evolved into a bigger platform for the convergence of the creative, design and visual arts community at large. 

Driven by four key editorial objectives—document and archive, celebrate and recognise, promote and educate, community and outreach—the Journal is managed by a core team that encourages and seeks participation and contribution from a community of writers, illustrators, artists, designers and photographers. 

For the current issue, ANEW, 60 local creative agencies were invited to customise the variant covers, all responding to the theme, which can prompt vastly different and unique perspectives.

Publisher: The Design Society 
Format: Paperback 
Number of Pages: 96 with inserts 
Width: 192mm 
Height: 264mm 
Thickness: 7mm 
Language: English 
ISBN: 978-981-09-0523-1 
Publication date: July 2014 
Publication Country: Singapore