The Design Society Journal no. 10 - Emergence (Azure Blue)

19.90 SGD
With this copy of The Design Society Journal, we lay our tenth issue in your hands. It’s a good time to hit the pause between rewind and forward, to push-pin this point on a map and examine the roads done and dusted, and those still unchosen. Through the lens of EMERGENCE, we examine the process of design: seeing how, through interaction, collaboration, and productive tension, the new comes into being without losing the muscle memory of what has been cast off.

We speak to Mindflyer about how his illustrations have taken flight; discover how illustrators-turned-tattoo artists Flee Circus and Victoria Woon are making their mark; catch up with the good people at PRODUCE; and wander through the eclectic East Coast Road home of father-and-son photographer pair Chua Soo Bin and Cher Him. We check in with creatives' parents to ask what they think their kids really do, and deliver letters home to Singapore written by creatives chasing the hustle overseas.

With this issue, we also gently usher forward a little emergence of our own with the launch of PAPER, a compendium which sparks the right impression and associations. The inaugural issue features design mogul Theseus Chan and nineteen years of works from WORK -- complimentary with this issue of The Design Society Journal only.